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180 Vape is changing how consumers think about smoking alternatives. Our goal is to educate and provide safer alternatives for smoking right here in West Texas and across the nation. We offer premium custom 180 Vape blend e-liquids, a ___sq foot store complete with a vaping lounge and testing bar, and a large assortment of real e cigs. Opening up your own vape shop and interested in vaping juices? We also provide wholesale options!

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In 2011 Kim and Travis Pharr were introduced to electronic cigarettes by way of a “Cig-A-Like”. Their name given due to the similar size and shape compared to a regular tobacco cigarette. Although the internet was definitely less expensive than the e-cigs at the mall, an issue arose when it came down to their products. When the older batteries died off they needed to be mailed in for replacements.
Time is valuable, and after three months Kim and Travis sought out to find a better solution. That is when they stumbled upon the Joytech Edo C Twist, a variable voltage battery allowing you to vape for hours on a single charge; all wrapped up in a compact  portable vaping device.  From that point on they were intrigued by real e-cigarettes, and the multitude of ways they could be used.
The vaping world is changing. Not so long ago there were only a limited supply of e-cig juice flavors and vaping  batteries. Lubbock needed alternatives, thus 180 Vape was born. The 180 Vape team strive to be the best in the business.  We offer quality products at fantastic prices, and our e-liquid is made to order.  Our goal is to educate the public of a safer alternative to smoking, while making friendships along the way!

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Lubbock's first all ecig and complete vaping store. We carry electronic cigarettes and mods and over 100 different juice flavors. We will teach you everything that you need to know about electronic smoking.

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