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Provari 2.5

The Provari v2.5 is a battery mod that certainly includes some rich features. With these amazing features and options the product can indeed appeal to lots of users: beginners and experienced included. While a lot of mods may be unusable after a definite period of use, the Provari v2.5 can outlast almost every other battery mod with simple battery replacements.

The Provari v2.5 is built to work with 2 different battery sizes, including an 18650 battery and a 18500 battery. For the 18650 battery, the v2.5 comes with an extra cap, while an 18500 battery can be used by simply opening the top cap. I personally liked the stainless steel finishing, although you can choose to choose from several color and design options as well.

The Provari v2.5 sports a stock 510 connection that is compatible with a lot of modern tank sets like the Kanger Protank. With a handy digital display users can get a lot of real-time information, including battery ohm, voltage and temperature.

Provari 2.5